How to open a facebook account via E-mail ID? (Facebook)

We can open a facebook account in two ways :
1. Via mobile number or
2. Via email ID.
* Open facebook account via gmail Id is more secure then open account via mobile number. *

Open Facebook account via email id : 
Tips : 
1. There are different types of email ids like yahoo, gmail, live etc. Most popular email id is gmail.
*Yahoo is not a secure email id. If you don’t login into your yahoo account more then 90 days, then you will lost your yahoo account. But gmail is more secure to me.*

Steps :
1. First of all you need to open a gmail account.
2. To open a gmail account you need to go to this link .
3. After click on this link you will see below page, from below page click create account.

4. After clicking on “Create account” you will see a form. Fill all the fields properly add click next step button.
5. If your all given informations are correct then your new gmail id will open correctly.
6. Right now, Don’t logout from your gmail id.

7. Now goto and fill all the fields like below :

8. After clicking on sign up button a confirmation link will send to your given gmail id, after clicking on that link (in your new gmail id) your facbook account will succesfully open.
9. Work done. Happy Facebooking… 🙂

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